Freelance Illustrator / Digital Artist


Bust $90 USD
Half Body $150 USD
Full Body $180 USD
Props/Weapons + $10-$20 USD
Complex Armor/Intricate Designs + $20-$40 USD
Price is per character.
Simple colour backgrounds free.
Detailed backgrounds $50-$150 USD

$35 USD each
$100 USD for a set of 3 emotes
You will receive sizes 112x112px, 56x56px and 28x28px as well as the original.
NOTE: Please do not ask me to copy pre-existing emotes or another artist's style.

Subscriber Loyalty Badges
$30 USD per unique design
$50 USD for a set of 5 badges with simple recolours/alterations
You will receive sizes 72x72px, 36x36px and 28x28px as well as the original 500x500px.

I CAN draw: original characters, fan art, males, females, suggestive/nudity*
Most things that I cannot or will not draw is dependant on the subject. Please keep in mind that I am primarily a fantasy artist and may not be interested in drawing certain subjects. However, don't hesitate to ask me if you are unsure if I am able to take on your commission request and I will let you know if it something I am comfortable accepting.*No highly explicit NSFW.


• If your commission feels like something that I am unable to do or am not interested in taking on, I may reject it. Please keep in mind my general subject matter when commissioning me.
• Please do not ask me to work in an different or previous art style than what I am currently offering. My stye is often evolving and I like to experiment.
• If you do not have a complete reference for your character (such as only having a written description or a collage of reference images for ideas of their design) a small design fee may be added to the total cost.

• Please read all information including the terms of service carefully. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
• Fill out the commission form below and send it to me via email at [email protected], or send me a message on Twitter.
• Once I have received and reviewed your request, we can discuss any additional details and I can give you a price quote.
• When everything is good to go, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. You will have the option to pay either in full or to place a 50% deposit to start and pay the remaining deposit after you have received the sketch. Full payment is required before continuing the artwork any further.
• Payment is done via PayPal in USD.

• Name/Username/Alias:
• Social Media Links: (Optional. This is to credit you as the commissioner when I post to Twitter, Instagram etc. if you would like me to link back to your account)
• PayPal Email:
• Commission Type: (e.g. Full Body)
• Number of Characters:
• References: (Image references of your requested character. If no image reference can be provided, please include a detailed description, though note that this will add extra cost)
• Character Info: (Optional. Brief description of character(s) personality)
• Specifics: (Optional. Details such as preferred pose, interactions etc. If no preference you may simple give me artistic freedom. Please note that I may not necessarily follow directions exactly depending on how I feel the illustration may best turn out)
• Additional Info: (Optional. Anything extra you may want to add)


• A minimum of 50% deposit is required before starting the artwork. The remaining payment must be made after the sketch is received before I continue any farther. Payment plans can be discussed for higher cost orders, but full payment is still required before completion.
• I will provide a sketch for you to approve before continuing with the artwork. Small adjustments can be made at this point up to a maximum of 2 free revisions. Unless requested, no further updates will be sent until the artwork is finished, at which point minor colour adjustments can be made free of charge. Major adjustments may incur an additional fee.
• Completion time for artworks can vary from 2-6 weeks on average, depending on the complexity of the artwork and availability. My queue is not first come first serve and I am typically working on several pieces at once. If you require a deadline, please state so beforehand. You may be subject to a rush fee if the deadline is less than 1-2 weeks.
• Payment is done via PayPal in USD.
• None of my artworks, regardless of whether they are personal or commercial commissions, are permitted to be minted or sold as NFTs.

• I retain copyright over the commissioned artwork and can display and post the image on my websites and portfolios.
• I will not further profit from the commissioned artwork.
• The commissioner is permitted to share and display their commissioned artwork as they see fit - so long as it adheres to the rules of personal use and proper credit is given.
• Commissions are for personal use only. You may not use them for unauthorized commercial purposes or gain profit from them by any means without a written agreement of copyright transfer from myself, and paying a commercial rights licensing fee.
• Commercial rights to commissioned artworks can be purchased at an additional fee of 50%-100% of the base cost, subject to the artwork. Please let me know if you intend to use your commission for commercial purposes.
• Do not trace, copy, remove the watermark or claim false ownership over the artwork.

• Refunds cannot be made beyond the sketch phase of the commission process. If you choose to cancel your commission after you have received the sketch, you will be refunded 50% of the total cost.
• If you choose to terminate a commission after receiving a sketch or any part of the artwork, you may not use any of the work in part or as a whole.
• If you cancel your commission before I have started working on it, you will get a full refund.
• Do not request PayPal chargebacks if you are getting a refund.
• There are NO refunds on completed commission work.


If you have any questions or would like to inquire about commission work, you can email me at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter @KarouselART.